MSO Training

The NATO Maritime Officer Course includes:

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MSO Training. We are pleased to announce that we have our training facility up and running in India. including First Person On Scene level 2.

The NATO Maritime Officer Course includes:

  • MSO.
  • ISPS Awarenes.
  • Weapon Systems Management Module
  • Firearms Competency Certification Module
  • First Person On Scene level 2

Maritime Security Officer

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We have developed this course around the four distinct units and explicitly explore each learning outcome. The driving focus behind the delivery is to educate those who wish to enter the maritime security sector with no or little prior experience. On completion, students will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to move forward into teams and become employable within the industry. The core modules are as follows:

  • Unit 301 Understand the Maritime Security Industry
  • Unit 302 Understand Maritime Security Pre-Deployment Planning and Procedures
  • Unit 303 Understand Maritime Security Operating Procedures
  • Unit 304 Understand Maritime Incident Management and Post Operational Procedures

First Person On Scene

FPOS-I (First Person on Scene Intermediate) is currently the minimum medical requirement for employees working within the security sector, but also would benefit anybody who expects to work in a Hazardous Environment. To this end there is a big focus on injuries associated with this. We have been fortunate enough to build a very strong team of military medics and paramedics with recent, credible experience in hostile environments. Our medics use up to date skills and knowledge to ensure each student leaves us confident they can actually use what they have been taught.

Maritime Firearms Competency Certificate

Sextant maritime have undertaken great diligence to produce the leading edge training course; enabling Maritime Security Officers (MSO's) to qualify in Firearms Competency Certification required within Industry Guidance which includes, GUARDCON, IMO Circ's and ISO (PAS) 28007.

The Qualifications Required are

  • MSO maritime Security Officer
  • Tccc - tactical casuality combat care
  • MFCC - Maritime firearms competency certificate
  • Fitness test
  • English Knowledge test